House of refuge

At Home, going under ground - protection from man-made or natural disasters

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Features and Benefits:

In many countries of the world are now installed underground shelters of various types. In most cases, this individual bunker, the design of which only solves one task is temporary protection from weapons of mass destruction and catastrophic natural events. The psychological problems of unprepared persons with long-term residence in a confined space bunkers and restore the living space for long-term survival after a catastrophic impacts fundamentally unresolved. Their long-term energy supply systems and housing will be destroyed, the possibility of their recovery activities, providing for the use of temporary shelter.
In case of any serious disaster, unprepared people will be doomed to a slow death.

We have developed a system for the protection of the population through "house of refuge" (Presentation of the project (PDF)) , capable in the event of danger to go underground for a few minutes. House of refuge is able to protect against nuclear, chemical, bacteriological effects and natural disasters, provides long lasting and effective protection against any attack, possibility of complete isolation and autonomous functioning of up to one year, allows you to leave the house of refuge in the dark underground safe haven status, without an external power supply for several years.

House of refuge allows you to quickly and efficiently protect the family, living in this house, just dip it into the ground with residents, while everyone,

including children, to remain in familiar surroundings and comfort without trauma, and those family members and relatives, arriving to the house of refuge in the underground "protective" position, will be able to get inside, through the quarantine zone and gateway.
When the danger has passed, the house rises in the overhead position of hoist, people can live in familiar surroundings without restoring the housing.
According to calculations, the most effective is the use of such homes in the tiny towns, "Quarters of security", united in a single infrastructure with duplicate individual, collective energy supply system, security, food production.
In addition to the widespread use of small house of refuge 150-300 sq. m. We offer a record construction 50-100 storey house, able to turn around the Sun and passing under the ground in case of danger.

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