Frame technology “BRAVO”


Features and Benefits:

- The use of a single unified parts in two sizes, versatility;
- Versatility, modularity, low cost;
- The possibility of a phased reduction to compliance with the standards of housing, modular building;
- An extensive list of functional application of unified framework elements;
- Energy efficiency;
- Environmentally friendly;
- Quick installation and dismantling without the use of lifting equipment, ease of transfer of the structure to another location;
- High liquidity structure in connection with the possibility of re-use items, including. with a fundamental change in the type and functional purposes.

Project status:

The produced samples of structural elements and structures. Conducted successful tests of strength, energy efficiency and functionality. The system is patented. Certificates of conformity to the constructive elements.

Презентация проекта RU (PDF)

Presentation of the project (IN) (PDF)
Website of the project:

Project promise:

The market for this project is not limited to frame housebuilding. The proposed technology has significant innovation advantages over existing technologies-frame construction Elements of frames are versatile and can be used effectively for decking, formwork, canopies, warehouses, greenhouses.
In the field of construction, this allows a single generic element do 90% reusable devices and installations.

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