New method of desalination. Engineering solutions. The technology.
Process of desalination in this method based on the natural and dynamic distilling in the parallel conveying
Predictable result
10 000 – 15 000 m3 of fresh water per day of each small complex. (less than 100km away from the coast)
Up to 1 000 000 m3 of fresh water per day of each large complex. (up to 500+km away from the coast)
Low cost of fresh water: during the operation and servicing complex — $ 0.01 — 0.02 / m3
Project status
The first part of patents registered.
Engineering work in process.
The technology provides for the next stages.
Propositions for investments
— Implementation of pilot projects.
— Strategic partnership. (Joint obtain international patents for this method of desalination)
The main differences this new method from the existing methods of desalination
— Using dynamic distilling.
— Low energy consumption level.
— No need for expensive replacement parts and components.
— The highest degree of desalination. (Content of the salt — less than 0.1 g/liter. It’s makes it possible to use
this water for irrigation without any risk of soil salinization).
— Additional water purification during of distillation.
— The energy that is used in our process of desalination — tidal and solar.
— No factories on the coast. Only transporting channels, that take away the seawater inland for desalination
process. In the first stage of development – using simple pumping stations, in the next stage of
technology development – tidal pumping stations in the sea or ocean.
— No need for a large number of highly qualified experts for system maintenance.
— Minimal support costs of the complex.
— Lifetime — from 100 years.
— Low cost of the fresh water: in the operation and servicing complex — $ 0.01—0.02 / m3 (or $ 0.056/HCF)
You can get more technical information after signing nondisclosure agreements

Market regions are
Droughty coastal countries with high levels of solar radiation.

South-West coast of the US, Australia, the Middle East, North Africa, (and some other African countries),
part of Europe, Mexico, and many other countries and regions.

Market volume
Not limited
Closest competitors
— existing desalination technologies.
— novelty. The lack of completed projects.
Solution — investments, development and implementation.

— The ratio of desalinated water to costs.
— Low cost of the fresh water.
— Getting fresh water in the distance from the coast.
and others advantages, described earlier in the part ―The main differences»


(100km length, 10 000-15 000 m3 of fresh water per day)

Stage 1 Development and modeling of the most effective options for the technical
implementation of the project. (This phase will take 6-9 months and $500,000)
— Selection of the optimal embodiment of constructions and construction methods in the selected region.
investors can choose the region for implementation
— Mathematical and physical modeling of the complex
— Optimize the system for maximum performance

Stage 2 Create a working project. (About 6 months, $200,000)
For this phase, it is necessary:
— Region selection for the construction of desalination complex.
— Coordination with local authorities. (it can cause to additional expenses in some regions)
— Choice of regional contractors.
— The creation of the working project (partially overlaps in time with the previous stages)

Stage 3 Construction of the pilot project.
(About 18 months & $ 100 000 000)
The complex of desalination is owned by the investor.
(or according terms of the contracts between investors and local authorities)
Cost of fresh water, during the operation and servicing complex — $ 0.02 / m3 / 264 gallons (or $ 0.056/HCF).
Direct return on investments:
Money earned for water.
Detailed financial projections, and profitability is possible to be calculated according initial conditions of the
selected region.
Another option for ROI:
Selling ready desalination complex like a commercial property or ready business-object.

Stage 4 Next desalination complexes in a larger scale.

2. STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIP (in priority for developer)
Gefest LLC offers now an exclusive partnership — co-ownership on intellectual property rights by technology of desalination in the conveying channels.

— Joint obtain international patents for this method of desalination.
— Joint ownership of intellectual property rights on this method of desalination.
— Sales of licens es and technology.

Cost and amount of the investments — in response to requests.


Project presentation PDF (EN)

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