According to a directive of the European Parliament on the promotion of the use of energy, produced from renewable sources defined mandatory national targets for renewable energy in the first place to provide certain safeguards for investors and encourage the development of new technologies and innovation in this area. Ukraine made commitments to reach up to 2020 year taken 11% energy, which derived from renewable energy.

We invite investors to participate in realization of business projects and promising developments in the following areas

Outdoor Active Insulation System - a winning alternative to traditional heating systems. Has opposed from all existing
thermal insulation systems and thermal modernization 4-6 -fold thermal energy saving.

According to the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, Ministry of Regional Development, and also construction and housing and communal services of Ukraine, more 100 thousand. apartment buildings in Ukraine or 80% all apartment buildings in the country require immediate thermo-renovation, which is one of the means to ensure energy conservation.

The system of protection of the population through the houses of refuge, capable in the event of danger to go underground for a few minutes. House of refuge is able to protect against nuclear, chemical, bacteriological effects and natural disasters, provides long lasting and effective protection against any attack, possibility of complete isolation and autonomous functioning of up to one year, allows you to leave the house of refuge in the dark underground safe haven status, without an external power supply for several years.

The Proposed frame technology has significant innovation advantages over existing technologies-frame construction. Elements of frames are versatile and can be used effectively for decking, formwork, canopies, warehouses, greenhouses.

In this construction allows one universal element do 90% reusable devices and installations.

We produce energy-efficient drying chambers, consumed in 3 times less electrical energy and 4 times less heat, than standard world counterparts.
For the promotion and implementation of the proposed innovative systems and efficient recovery of alternative algorithms for control of the drying process with stable metrological parameters.

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