Outdoor Active Warming-Heating System
(OSAWH) - a winning alternative to traditional heating systems. It differs from all existing systems and thermo-insulation 4-6 -fold thermal energy saving. Presentation of the project (PDF)

If you heat the outer wall of the building to a temperature 20 degrees, inside creates uniform thermal field with a stable microclimate and internal heating system is no longer needed. Due to the use of low-temperature coolant disappears a lot of parasitic heat, unavoidably re- systems in high-.
The walls of the building are heated heat exchange circuit disposed on the outer wall surface, and it is isolated from the atmosphere by a layer of insulation. In cases such supply heat walls are warm and dry, they do not have the dew point of moisture diffusion and, external insulation is always too dry with a maximum thermal resistance.

This system can operate with any source of heat, for example, with gas and solid fuel boilers, including low-temperature heat source sec ary, with solar collectors. Particularly effective SAU pokazvaet himself connected to the heat pump, enabling them to work with unprecedented high thermal conversion COP.

The use of heat pumps in combination with ACS allows you to get a seasonal coefficient of thermal transformation COP ≥ 7, and in combination with the utilization of waste heat or technical RRR 12. This conversion makes the coefficient of thermal heating in a similar way 5-30 times more economically feasible, than gas heating.


  • A significant reduction in the heating costs;

  • A favorable microclimate in the House;

  • Ability to work with any energy;

  • The use of low-temperature heat sources

  • System to work in the heating mode and protection
    frost (in winter), cooling (in summer

  • Increasing efficiency (Efficiency, COP) heat pumps at
    sharing with AIS to 7-12;

  • External installation and maintenance system, which allows not to interrupt the intended use of the building;;

  • Convenient repair and maintenance system;

  • Exception of the fungal wall lesion;

  • The absence of thermal destruction of walls;

  • Increased service life of materials and the thermal insulation of buildings;

  • Recovery technology and parasitic heat losses,
    The use of heat cooling towers, sewage etc.;

  • Improvement of thermal and microclimate dynamics of buildings,
    absence of diffusion-condensing drying
    indoor air during the heating season.

The system maintains a stable microclimate in the building, solves the problem of drying
air, inherent high temperature convection heating systems. PRESENTATION (PDF)

Excluded harmful drawbacks of existing external insulation systems:

  • diffusion of moisture;
  • dew point;
  • accumulation of moisture;
  • fungal infection;
  • reduction of thermal insulation properties.

Exclusively outdoor installation.

Work can be performed without interrupting the operation of buildings.


Key features Project OAWHS

The detailed presentation of the project:

System ECOCOLT (Eng.)


In connection with the Ukraine came to an unstable economy, most people finally began to at least think about energy savings.
This year the market will grow warming of houses in 7-12% as previously, and even several times (at least - in the private sector). It also requires a significant investment in the next few years for a large residential (city), the outstanding state, and industrial buildings.
According to the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, Ministry of Regional Development, and also construction and housing and communal services of Ukraine, more 100 thousand. apartment buildings in Ukraine or 80% all apartment buildings in the country require immediate thermo-renovation, which is one of the means to ensure energy conservation.
The average area of ​​an apartment building facade is over 5000 sq.m.
It turns out, that the total area of ​​facades, requiring urgent thermo-renovation in Ukraine, reaches 500 000 000 square meters.
At a minimum cost of $ 50 AIS / sq.m. officially declared "urgent" (2-3 year) market volume 25 billion. dollars.
The whole market is in need of insulation civil and industrial buildings in Ukraine is in tens times larger capacity. In addition to existing buildings thermo technology is also highly effective
for a newly constructed building.


Outdoor Systems Technology active warming-heating developed in Ukraine, is patented and exclusive.

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